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We're creators, storytellers, innovators

Successful brands focus on storytelling & audience building. That's our jam.

  • Brand Development

  • Social Media Development

  • Package Design

  • Photography

  • Web Design

  • Video Production

  • Animation

  • Instructional Design


From idea to product and sharing to scaling we're ready to get you to the next step.

Brands We Have Worked With

Proudly based out of

 Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

Drop us a note and lets get talking about your story



"I was connected to Henry Media Company (HMC) through a friend that knew our company was growing and needed some photography help. What started as a single photography shoot turned into HMC being our “one stop shop” for all things visual. From web and package design to branding and photography/videography, HMC produces high quality work in a timely, professional manner at an incredible price.


In the last 10-months, our company has grown revenue 10x and this kind of growth was only possible as a direct result of the creative work produced by HMC. I truly love working with HMC and look forward to continuing our relationship with them for years to come."

—  Andrew Auble, CEO GlueTread

  • I need branding for an existing or new businesses I've started?
    You have come to the right place, we pride ourselves in developing out brand profiles. Logos, packaging, website, **animations, *marketing, design and a variety business specifice creations. *we recently catalyzed a business to increase sales 10x. ** you know how some businesses have a fancy animated logo, we specifically design customer for every busy we work with an onbrand animated logo for website and videos.
  • Product Photography?
    You need a product to look professional, there isn't a product we can't make professional.
  • Social Media Management?
    We can not only manage your social media, but we can be the content creation experts to make sure customers and potential customers see a cohesive message. There is nothing worse than a 'abandon account'
  • Traditional or Social Media Advertisement?
    Speak to your customers with content that catches your customers eyes within 2 seconds.
  • Can you help me better connect to customers?
    With an accumulated 29 years of experience in the field of science, technology, and social issues we have master the ability to take complex subjects and make them easily digestable to customers and viewers alike.
  • Why should I go with you?
    Do you want to work 10 different people for 5 tasks? No. We consider ourselves the one stop shop of branding and content creation ideas. We feel pretty confident we can accomplish any project you need, but if you are the extradinory one where we can't help you, then we identify the entity or compnay that can and handle all the logistics. Why work with so many different people when you can work with one, and accomplish all.
  • Package Design? Website Design? Ecommerce? Photography? (Any) Video?
    Yes.... and yes. We havent had a client we can't accomplish the needs of, or point in the right direct.
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