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Happy athletes are brand ambassadors

We let sponsors pay for photography services. Let athletes enjoy their photos for free.

Sports and Photography is in the DNA of Henry Media Co. 

We are a group of professional photographers with years of experience studying and capturing the art of sports photography. Henry Media Co. takes professional photography into a new era by employing only photographers who are also athletes, using cutting edge technologies, and customizing race day coverage to each event - so that each athlete receives perfectly crafted imagery. Athletes like yourself have spent days, weeks, and months preparing for race day-- and now finally there is race coverage that understands what you have accomplished and can accurately capture all of that time of meticulous preparation.


We also understand, like the photographers of the past don’t, athletes should not have to pay for the imagery of their hard work.  We know Mom, Dad, and friends want to see the hard work, so all of our photographs are free to the athletes. The Race Directors, sponsors and we at HMC understand you have already given so much, this is the least we can do. Happy Racing- Happy Sharing.

Live Coverage

Every race start and finish is broadcast LIVE using Facebook.

Video Promotion

Every event receives a 30-60 second promotional video of the event



It is simple, but effective. HMC provides professional race day photography and then each athlete receives 3-10 professional images for free. 



HMC takes care of all the photography and platform services, but the sponsors and advertisers take all the credit. The brands that advertise with us receive the credit for the work in the form of logo attribution on the images. ​​In the modern era a typical middle to upper income adult has 5 social media accounts and three of the leaders are: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Popular sites that racers often share results and photographs.


If 1 Athlete.

Shares 5 Images.

To 2 Social Media Sites.

And just 200 Friends See.

That is 


Impressions Per Athlete!


At Henry Media Co. we do not call our clients customers, but rather fans, for good reason though because the content we provide to race directors and athletes has them cheering us on from one event to the next.


Traditional model for photography is that photographers show up-- take photos -- and then inundate athletes and race directors with emails to purchase the images. This experience often leaves the euphoric athlete with a sour taste because of the outrageous prices that photographer’s attempt to charge. By working with race organizers and race sponsors we have created a model that provides non-invasive but direct advertising for both the sponsors and race directors- all the while providing over $200 in personalized imagery to each and every athlete for free.


Every image will be labeled with the race brand, and by providing athletes with free photographs of their achievement, race organizers accomplish an increase rates of event satisfaction and event exposure.  As a race organizer, you have made dreams come true, and athletes will embrace the opportunity to share their achievement, in the form of images, to their social media world.



A personalized professional imaging experience for each and every athlete participant.

We take care of all of the post processing and image distribution to athletes.​

Our imaging serves as a sign of achievement for athletes, as well as a means of race promotion for organizers.

All of this achieves stronger bonds between race directors and the athletes.


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